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What is tag on washing machine?

[Narrator] LG’s Tag On cycle download allows you to download cycles to your washer or dryer for later use. The cycle will be available at the download cycle position on the control panel until another cycle is downloaded.

What is tag on on LG washer?

LG’s tag on function uses new and innovative features to allow you to conveniently add news cycles, check the status of your appliance, or a diagnose your appliance all from your smartphone. Once you have activated the NFC feature on your phone, open the LG laundry app and select the tag on feature.

What is a logo tag?

A logo slogan —also known as a tagline—is a catchphrase that communicates a message about your brand. The purpose of a logo slogan is to convey your company’s mission in a way that audiences will remember and identify.

Does LG Tag on work with iPhone?

→ As iPhones do not support NFC tag reading, this function cannot be used in ThinQ app. ▶ If iPhone open up NFC capabilities in the future, LG will make NFC available. ※ Currently, ThinQ NFC reading is only supported in Android mobile devices.

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What is silent wash in washing machine?

Extra silent settings Some washing machines now have this setting for when you do washes in the evening, ensuring you won’t cause any disturbances. Sometimes referred to as a ‘ night wash ‘ setting, this option is particularly handy if you live in a flat/terraced house or have a light sleeper in the house!

What is LG SmartThinQ technology?

LG ThinQ (pronounced as “think-cue”; sometimes known as LG SmartThinQ) is a brand launched by LG Electronics in 2017, featuring products that are equipped with voice control and artificial intelligence technology.

What is the NFC tag on my phone?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless connection which can be used to transfer information to and from your mobile phone. By holding your mobile phone close to an NFC tag or NFC reader you can pay for groceries, connect to websites or call a phone number and more.

What is tag on Smart TV sticker?

The Tag On sticker records information about the first Smart TV connected via NFC. You can initialize the recorded data through the Tag On app settings on the smartphone.

How do I connect my LG washing machine to my phone?

To begin, select your smartphone OS

  1. Android iOS.
  2. Expand All. 1Download the LG ThinQ app from Google Play. Download LG ThinQ. On your android device open the Play Store app. Using the search function type in “lg thinq”
  3. Expand All. 1Download the LG ThinQ app from the App Store. Download LG ThinQ. On your iPhone open the App Store.
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What is LG ThinQ NFC?

LG G7 ThinQ™ – Turn NFC On / Off Near Field Communication (NFC) allows the transfer of data between devices that are a few centimeters apart, typically back-to-back. NFC must be turned on for NFC-based apps (e.g., Android Beam) to function correctly.

Should my logo have a tagline?

Never add a tagline to your logo simply for the sake of having one. If you can’t come up with a phrase that’s distinct enough to attract your target audience, you’re better off without one. As mentioned earlier, you can also create a tagline as a standalone element and add it to your logo when it makes sense.

What is TAG example?

An HTML tag is a special word or letter surrounded by angle brackets, < and >. You use tags to create HTML elements, such as paragraphs or links. Many elements have an opening tag and a closing tag — for example, a p (paragraph) element has a

tag, followed by the paragraph text, followed by a closing


What does tag a business mean?

Tagging—What Does Tag Mean? Different from hashtagging, tagging refers to using a social handle or username of a person or business in your post or photo. When you tag someone on Facebook or Instagram or tag a business on a Facebook post or photo, you identify them and essentially “linking” them in your post.

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